Hubby steals almost $1 million from his wife & you will NOT believe what he spent the money on

candice feinberg When you meet the man you're going to marry, you expect that wedded bliss will last for awhile. Unfortunately it didn't last for 39-year-old Candice Feinberg, she says that her new husband, Steve Lalicata jipped her of $774,000 to give to his mistress.

The New York woman believed that the money she was giving her spouse was to pay off gambling debt he owed members of an organized crime. As it turned out, it wasn't for that at all and instead was for his mistress, Diana Fernandez. Que escandalo!


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Feinberg's wealth stems from her father, Herbert who inventedseamless panties. The trust fund baby already had it made and all that was missing was a loving husband.  The couple was married in 2011 but when she found out about her husband's infidelity she filed a $10 million lawsuit against him.

The suit alleges that 30-year-old Lalicata had plotted with a friend and cousin to steal money from his wife. Their plan was to pretend that Feinberg's husband owed money to Howard Beach gangsters and scare her with death threats he was receiving. This method worked and she even withdrew $150,000 from the bank in one instance to help him.

Lalicata's scheme eventually backfired when Feinberg hired a private eye to spy on him and it was revealed that he was cheating on her. The worst part was that he was using her money to buy his mistress lavish gifts and trips to Vegas and the Dominican Republic.

Feinberg is seeking to have her marriage annulled as Fernandez claims that she had no idea that Lalicata was married. However there was evidence that proved otherwise through inappropriate texts she sent to his wife. Even though Fernandez says she and Lalicata are just friends, the judge says there is significant evidence to prove that they're guilty.

Talk about a nightmare! I can't imagine how this poor woman must feel to know that her marriage is a sham. It's disgraceful that this man took things far enough to scare her and think their lives were in danger. I hope she wins her lawsuit and has him, his mistress and their other accomplices locked up for a long time.

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