Are women who have sex with only one partner their entire lives happier than the rest?

Traditionally women have been expected to save their virginities for marriage, but things have changed and this is no longer the norm. Today you will meet women who have slept with numerous men before their wedding day. In a time when sex is glamourized, it's refreshing to hear about those women who choose to wait for the man they plan to marry. 

In fact, those women say that they have happier marriages all because they've only had sex with their husbands.


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A recent NHS sexual health survey showed that nowadays on average a woman has at least four sexual partners. Only 24 percent of women who answered the poll said that their husband was the ONLY man they've ever been with. Another survey conducted by found that 10 sexual partners is considered ideal for both men and women and anything more or less is frowned upon.

This raises the question if it is better to only have one sexual parter your whole life. One woman, Julia Hubbard, believes that because her husband was her first and only that their relationship is much stronger than others. "Lots of my married friends are in the process of splitting up and, of those still together, we are definitely among the happiest," she said.

Although most of her friends call her a prude, Hubbard says that her sex life is great and she doesn't think her lack of experience affected her at all. Another married couple, Abi and Chris Smith claim that they also believe their marriage is strong because they've been together since high school and haven't had other sexual partners.

Naturally it makes you wonder if these couples ever feel like they've missed out on anything and they have all said no. Abi says: "Like someone who has never tried chocolate having no craving to taste it, I've got no desire for any other man than Chris."

It's interesting to hear about people who have waited to have sex until marriage or have had only one sexual partner because it's so rare today. If you ask the average person on the street how many people they have been with, I can guarantee you the answers would probably shock you--or not. It's admirable that these couples stood their ground and have remained loyal to each other despite all the temptation in our sex crazed world.

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