The REAL stages of intimacy in a relationship will surprise you

When you first start dating someone new, you're on your best behavior and make sure you look good all the time. Then when you become an official couple, things change. But what are the real states of intimacy? Well, it may surprise you.

No, I'm not talking about falling in love and all that mumbo jumbo, I'm referring to the not-so-glam side of relationships. The mystery can only last so much!


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Yes, bodily functions, morning breath, drugstore runs for tampons, pooping--all fall under the stages of intimacy. It may seem gross to even discuss but it's the "real" side of a relationship.

The last thing you want to do is butcher a perfectly good relationship because you farted too soon (kidding!). Realistically if you're in it for the long haul, you have to accept the good, the bad, the ugly, and sometimes smelly side of your partner

Below we've come up with a timeline of the ideal stages to show your most vulnerable side to each other. But keep in mind, EVERY couple's stages can be different!

First few months: Here you are on your best behavior, always primping, making sure that no hair is out of place. But during this period he should see you without makeup, one of you will burp, even fart. If you two have health conditions the other should know about, it should be addressed then.

6 Months: By now you're more or less comfortable with each other and he knows about your period, what makes you cranky, the fact that you don't always wear sexy underwear, smelled each others morning breath, and at some point one of you has seen each the other sick and gross.

A Year: After a year, the two of you have gotten past the farting/pooping anxiety, seen each other with morning eye boogers, smelly breath, he knows you don't always shave, but there is still some mystery left.

Year and a half or more: At this stage in your relationship, you're settled in and comfortable with your partner. You may have even moved in together at this point and are aware of each others gross habits, embarrassing health mishaps, and you know you can get away with looking like a bum without being judged.

The takeaway? It's important to always make sure there's some mystery or sexiness left in your relationship, even if you're at the "year and a half or more" stage!

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