"Till death do us part" wedding cake: Weird or amazing?

The expression "Till Death Do Us Part" at weddings signifies the idea of being together forever and ever. One couple however took it literally and made either the most epic or morbid wedding cake of all time. The image shared on Reddit probably shocked guests at the reception, but their custom-made dessert has made rounds on the internet.

Wait till you see this eerie masterpiece!


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The unnamed couple, who wed in Texas' Alamo Drafthouse, revealed to guests a wedding cake which displayed two bloody beheaded heads above a sign that read "Till Death Do Us Part." How romantic!

Either the couple has a morbid sense of humor or REALLY loves Halloween. It makes me curious to find out how guests chose he piece of the cake they wanted. I mean, if they wanted to have part of the guy's face, did they ask the servers to chisel off some of his jaw?

It's creepy, but still hilarious! At least their families know that when they said their vows, the couple truly meant it and intend on sticking it out till they die. Wouldn't you believe them if you saw their bloody heads as part of your dessert? Most importantly though, a kudos is in order for the pastry chef who designed this amazing and elaborate cake.

What are your thoughts on this spooky wedding treat?

Image via Thinkstock/Reddit

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