Bacon is the yummiest form of birth control yet

I love bacon. When cooked perfectly, it melts in your mouth and produces all kinds of satisfation. I suppose most people know that bacon isn't really "health" food as it has high amounts of saturated fats and sodium. Sigh. Here's some newish news about bacon though, presented by the Harvard School of Public Health: bacon can be detrimental to men's fertility. Does that mean we've finally found a method of birth control for men that they would actually remember to take?


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Ha, if only! The research gathered from a group of 156 men found that men who consumed more than half a serving of bacon a day had less "normal" sperm than the men who didn't. Haha, bacon makes men's sperm weird, I guess. Weird sperm is just not as effective at makin' babies as "normal" sperm. So men if you are makin' bacon and eatin' that bacon, you may not be makin' babies anytime soon. I totally get that sacrificng your fertility for bacon may be totally worth it for you. Like I said, I love me some bacon.

The study was quite small and more studies need to be done, so please for the time being do not use bacon as a form of birth control whether it be by making your man eat it or by wrapping it around his ding ding to create a makeshift bacon condom. Speak to your doctor about effective methods of birth control.

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