It happens to the best of us, after a couple of babies, our vaginas just don't feel as tight as they used to. As a result, sex may not be as pleasurable and it's all because the vaginal muscles are not as strong anymore. Much like other muscles on the body, you have to work them out in order to stay in tip-top condition.

Tightening that area up doesn't have to require you to cough up thousands of dollars for surgery though!

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It's normal that with time your lady parts might change, but it doesn't have to remain that way. In fact, we came up with some easy ways to improve that area. Check them out below!

Kegel exercises: These moves are perfect if you experience incontinence or find you need to tighten it up a little bit down there. The exercise is simple: All you have to do is tighten up your vaginal muscles starting out with slow and increasing to fast repetitions.

Pelvic exerciser: Much like a vibrator, there are pelvic or kegel exercisers intended to help tighten your vagina. The best part is they will improve your sex life and help you strengthen up your pelvic muscles.

Yoga: Yoga exercises such as the Child's Pose, Bridge Pose, and many others are great for tightening your pelvic muscles because they require a lot of deep breathing.

Vagina tightening gels: Worst case scenario there are always vaginal tightening gels which are ideal if your main concern is about having pleasurable sex. These gels not only tighten but helps lubricate the area before you have sex.

Gooseberry tea: Some people swear by this tea and store it in a bottle after it's been steeped. Apply it when you take a shower daily as it's supposed to restore elasticity and makes the vaginal area feel smooth.

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Very happy I got myotaut. At my age, I feel like a virgin again haha. Very easy to use and small enough to keep it in my purse (just in case). So glad I stumbled on this product. Thank you. A+++++

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How Did you apply myotaut?
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How to apply it
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Im glad mine still tight because I only birth one child and the second one was c-section. Actually, sometimes is hard to have penetration if Im not warmed up first.
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Poner en español
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Disculpa que es myotua y como se usa
My partner has never given birth but her vagina is is too lose and wide and we are only3months in marriage but she is expecting, help us please
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I have used DermalMD Vaginal Tigtening Serum twice and the results were amazing. I was skeptical about it thinking nothing can actually do this and to my surprise it worked. After 3 children I was very loose down there to say the least, after using tight I could actual feel intercourse again
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Any side effect please and do I apply the gel

Hi, A few weeks ago I was with a man who told me..."you have strong but loose"...I reply, what do you mean?...and he say..."the smell on your vagina is very strong and is very attractive to me"...and the viginal lips are some what loose. He asked me to correct that... I replied him like "Please give the solution for that". He told about the MyoTaut serum. He told that very confident because he experienced with many womens using that serum. So I bought and started to use. I love that smell and its gave me quick result and I thank to him personally... u know what?????? smile emoticon lol.

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