Planning for your wedding day is stressful and exciting, but one groom made the BIG mistake of forgetting to book a venue. Sidenote: How do you even forget to do something so simple?! The groom in question was 36-year-old Neil McArdle who realized day of that he stupidly forgot to book a place--well--to get married!

He SHOULD have admitted his huge screw up to his bride-to-be, but you'll never believe what McArdle did instead!


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The man decides that the best way to solve this issue is by calling in a bomb threat to the venue, St. George's Hall and caused a swarm of police and bomb squad teams to investigate the place. Unfortunately McArdle tried confessing that it was all a hoax to the venue, but no one was picking up his phone calls. Doh!

As for his bride, she showed up with the rest of the wedding guests and bridal party only to find heavy police activity. She eventually learned the truth and much to our surprise she is STILL with him. However if they plan on marrying, they may have to wait as McArdle is facing criminal charges. Talk about moronic!

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