5 Ways your phone is ruining your love life

Everyone has a smartphone these days--and for good reason. Between the apps and the games, they're useful and entertaining. But if you're too attached to your phone, it can actually be doing to damage to your relationships ... even if you aren't aware of it. Below, check out five ways your smartphone is hurting your love life!


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1. It makes you miss out. Being glued to your phone cuts into your face-to-face social interaction. You're not giving your full attention to the people around you. Plus, it probably makes you less approachable. Who wants to strike up a conversation with someone who won't even make eye contact? 

2. It makes it harder to get out of work mode. If you're like the majority of the work population, you get work emails sent to your phone--which at times, can interfere with your personal life. There's nothing wrong with checking in and responding to high-priority questions or problems. But if you're constantly tuning into your job, then you're probably tuning everything else--including your partner or love life--out.

3. It feeds your social media addiction. Facebook (and Instagram, Twitter, and everything else out there!) isn't bad, but it can cause relationship tension if you start spending too much time checking your profiles and ignoring your partner or dates. It can also be bad news if you start using those sites as your personal journal to vent about your partner or your ex. Which reminds me...

4. It makes it easy to stalk exes. We've all done it! Social media has made it easy to checking out what your ex is up to or what your now-partner's ex looks like. And it's even harder to resist that temptation now that Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter, etc.) is not limited to our computers.

5. It can interfere with your sex life. If you're not disconnecting from your cell, then you're probably not taking the time to make time for your partner, including in the bedroom. But why let your sex life take a hit? Put your phone on silent for at least a few hours!

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