Mom who posed for Playboy is fired after racy photos were published!

A drop dead gorgeous Minnesota mom posed nude for Playboy after getting clearance from her boss and was shocked when he fired her after the racy photos were published. That's why now, Jessica Zelinske is suing her former employer, Charter Communications where she worked as an ad account executive. I hope to God she wins!


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Back in 2011, Zelinske, who has a 9-year-old daughter, competed with over 400 women across the country to be featured on Playboy's "Hot Housewives" issue. The 33-year-old beat everyone else and appeared on the cover of the September-October 2011 issue which came out in July, along with a six-page spread inside the magazine.

In September, her boss, Timothy McBeain, fired her on the spot claiming she had violated the company's "standards of common decency." So, did he forget about them when he told Zelinske she could pursue a modeling opportunity with Playboy at the beginning of 2011? I don't get it. Did he not know what Playboy is?

Zelinske is seeking at least $150,000 for emotional distress, compensatory damages and legal expenses. I hope she gets every single penny and that her modeling career skyrockets. At the end of the day, getting fired was probably the best thing that happened to this beautiful woman. She was only making about $18,000 a year working for the cable television provider, but I'm sure she'll be making a lot more than that thanks to all the publicity she'll get from this case even if she doesn't win.

Image via Playboy

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