5 Common mistakes women make in the bedroom

Not all sex can be great sex. In fact, we've already established that there are some valuable lessons to learn from experiencing those not-so-great trysts between the sheets. But there are also some practices that you might be following that could be affecting your and your partner's level of satisfaction as well! Below, check out 5 common mistakes women make in the bedroom:


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1. Expecting your partner to read your mind. Every woman likes different things, so it's your job to show him--nicely--where and how you want to be touched. You want to be happy and your guy wants to make you happy, so clear but gentle instruction is key.

2. Assuming your man is already down and ready for sex. Whether it's because of a bad day or work stress, everyone has times when they just aren't in the mood. So don't expect him to be ready to go whenever. Know when to entice him and when to just back off.

3. Not taking enough intiative. You might not want to take charge of things all the time,  but chances are neither does your partner. Instead of being passive, make your own moves. And remember to keep an open mind along the way!

4. Not maintaining commucation. Just like in life outside the bedroom, maintaining a constant channel of communication between you and your partner is key. If not, how are either you supposed to know what each other wants, if you're in or out of your comfort zone or if you want to try something new? It's all about speaking up.

5. Not listening to your body. If something feels painful or off, it's up to you to take note of it--even if its right when things are getting steamy!

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