Engagement photos are tough to tackle. Everyone seems to do them, some are beautiful, some are meh, and others are AWESOME. I'm a big fan of humor even during occasions others consider solemn, so it is no surprise that I am loving the engagement pictures that user Hamburgersandwiches shared on Reddit. They are hilarious. These engagement pictures recreate iconic scenes from movies.

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He posted them with the comment, "Fuck it. I'm getting married. Here are my crappy engagement photos." He should cross out the word crappy and replace it with happy because these photos did nothing but make me smile. Check out some of my favorites and if you like you can see the rest on Reddit.

Wishing the happy couple many iconic moments of their own.

Image via hamburgersandwiches/Imgur

Back to the Future 1

A sense of humor throughout their marriage will serve this couple now and in the future. Look at the commitment on their faces!


Titanic 2

Classic! This couple ain't goin' down any time soon.


Ghost 3

I'd say these two have more than a ghost of a chance.

The Shining 4

The truth is that sometimes marriage can be downright terrifying and you will want to scream.


The Bodyguard 5

It is nice to know that no matter what happens your partner has always got your back.