All drivers--well good drivers, anyway--know that your full attention should be on the road while behind the wheel of a car. But one guy definitely doesn't think so. He and his lady friend were recently captured on tape having sex while driving down a busy highway. Talk about multi-tasking!

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The entire tryst was recorded by two individuals in a passing car who looked out their window to see a woman straddling the male in the driver's seat. Not only was the vehicle in motion at the time, but it was actually on a crowded expressway west of Chicago at the time. That's right, we're not talking about some little deserted dirt road somewhere (although that only would've been slightly better). This happened on a major roadway! Unbelievable!

It's unclear when exactly the footage was recorded, but the video has gone viral this week ... and I can't say I'm surprised that it did. I mean, it's a miracle they didn't hurt themselves or anybody else with this crazy stunt. I have a hard enough time driving on a highway as it is--probably because I'm paranoid about reckless drivers, exactly like this guy!

Needless to say, it's probably a good thing that you can't see much of their faces in the footage, as they would definitely be in serious trouble right about now. Still, they're not the only two to get busy at the most bizarre times. Below, check five more of the weirdest places couples have been caught having sex:

Image via YouTube

Stadium bathroom 1

Stadium bathroom

Image via jvdalton/flickr

Last year, a couple made headlines after they were recorded having sex in a stall in the bathroom at a Yankees game. People even got into neighboring stalls to watch them! Ugh ... as if public bathrooms weren't gross enough to begin with!


In a church 2

In a church

Image via Simon Chumkat/flickr

In 2008, a man and a woman were charged by police in Italy after they were found having sex in a confession box in a cathedral. Their excuse? They claimed they were atheists.


Home Depot 3

Home Depot

Image via Getty Images

Earlier this summer, cops were called to a Home Depot in North Charleston after the couple were caught having sex into a display shed in the store. What in the world is sexy about Home Depot?!

Public park 4

Public park

Newlywed couple Saint Ramirez and his bride, Miaya, were arrested in July after the two apparently couldn't keep their hands off each other after getting married and started going at it in a public Nebraska park!


A celebrity's house 5

A celebrity's house

Image via Splash News

A couple was reportedly found on the grounds of a home in Northamptonshire that was being used by former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole. Thinking it  was paparazzi in the bushes, a security guard went over to investigate ... only to find the two of them in the act!