President Obama quit smoking because he's terrified of the First Lady

President Obama was caught chatting with U.N. official Maina Kiai about his former smoking habit. I say "caught" because the informal banter was caught by a live mic and not necessarily intended for all our ears. Basically Obama shared that he hadn't smoked in about six years and the reason he gave was: "Because I'm scared of my wife." Oh, I'm sure that his opposers will use this as fodder and say things like, "It's obvious who wears the pants in that family." We'll probably start hearing about how Obama is really just a puppet of First Lady Michelle Obama, but every married man regardless of political slant knows exactly what The President was talking about.


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What wife hasn't terrified her husband into changing his ways? It happens. We nag advise until we make our points clear and the only viable option a sensible option.

I know I've gotten my husband to give up some habits using my wifely wiles. Whether he would be willing to admit that to the nation on a live mic or not is debatable, but between you and me here are some of the things I've terrified my husband into quitting:

  • Picking at his toe nails while we watch TV. It's gross, he's better off without it because now I'm not constantly yelling at him to stop and he can concentrate on what he is watching.

  • Spanking. We discussed it, he didn't agree. I researched the topic and sent him a long written missive of why I was against it. He responded, "Okay."

  • Going straight for the gold in bed, if you know what I mean. Oh no, you must sweet talk me, make out with me, and then we're golden.

So President Obama, don't feel bad if you get any slack about your casual comment about being scared of your wife. All us folks in relationships know exactly what you mean.

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