New spray promises to make your man last longer in bed, yay!

It can't be easy dealing with a man who suffers from premature ejaculation. And according to studies, it actually affects Latinos more than other men. But don't get too down about it, Mike Wyllie, one of the inventors of Viagra has recently come out with Tempe, a spray-on medication that apparently helps combat premature ejaculation faster than any other treatment out there. Just when you thought there was no solution to this frustrating problem!


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It looks like this Tempe spray is going to change a whole lot of sex lives, because according to a study that was conducted, men with premature ejaculation (PE) who used Tempe Spray just five minutes before intercourse were able to last six times longer.  For example, instead of ejaculating only six seconds after penetration, some were able to hold it for up to 3.8 minutes. That's a BIG difference for a dude who's quick on the trigger.

So how does this miracle sex drug work exactly? Apparently it contains low doses of anesthetics that helps desensitize the nerves on the penis' skin's surface, allowing the man to gain more control over his orgasms.

This isn't a totally new concept though, considering doctors have recommended anesthetic sprays to patients with this problem before. But this one doesn't just contain local anesthetics such as lidocaine and prilocaine, but it also doesn't fully penetrate either. In fact, it can be easily wiped off, for those of you ladies worried about this chemical going straight into your vagina. Last thing a girl wants to worry about (on top of her guy going quick) are UTIs and vaginal infections. 

The best part is you don't have to wait hours to see results either. After only five minutes, the treatment (which will be available through prescriptions only), gets working but can be sprayed up to two hours before sex too. Not bad!

Let's face it, chicas--no one likes a guy who ejaculates sooner than … they should obviously. It's a real problem that could leave most (if not all women) and their male partners very VERY frustrated. And unfortunately it can happen to anyone. Hopefully this quick fix will make the difference for most couples, because again, having sex with a man who's incapable of lasting long can't be fun!

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