5 Reasons it's better to be single!

Tired of not being in a relationship? Don't be! It's National Singles Week, which means it's time to forget about any love life (or more specifically, lack thereof) worries and embrace your singledom. I know, it kind of sounds like a bad gimmick. But the truth is there are plenty of things to love about being on your own. In fact, research has shown that there are some surprising physical and menta; benefits to being single.

Don't believe me? Below, check out five surprising advantages of going solo:


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  1. A more honest sex life: This sounds strange, but just hear me out. According to a survey done by Match.com, single people are more likely to work harder at building an intimate--and therefore more fulfilling--sex life by willingly talking out any concerns in the bedroom. Definitely a bonus!

  2. Less money worries: Single people might not have a dual income, but they also don't have anyone else's debt on their hands. Plus, finances are pretty much known to one of the biggest causes of fights among couples. If you're not in a relationship, on the other hand, you never have to justify your purchases to anyone.

  3. A booming social life: Many couples find it hard to balance their romantic relationship with their platonic ones. In fact, research shows that both men and women spend less time with friends and family after marriage. If you're single, you're more inclined to find the time to go out and hang out with your pals.

  4. Better sleep: No one likes dealing with their partner's snoring, as evidenced by a survey that found that one in four people in relationships would rather sleep alone. If you're not in a relationship, you can enjoy your own space--or feel free to kick people out of it if you wish.

  5. Career success: Single people have the freedom to put more focus on their jobs, as well as set goals for their career path without having to plan for two. And according to CNNMoney, single men and women are actually more likely to be hired than their married counterparts!

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