Your vagina is probably still too brown, so now there's THIS

Have you lost the youthful pink in your nether regions? Have your labia seen better days? Do you look at your lady bits and think they are looking old and lackluster? Do you need to put some oomph back in your poon? Well, darlings, no need to feel any shame when showing your pretty private parts ever again because now no matter what shade of the rainbow they are, you can color them to the pinkish shade of your liking. Yes, there is now a cosmetic genital dye designed to put the pink back into your lady pout. Oh and it comes in four different shades so you can go for subtle or straight up in your face bold!


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What the funk? A dye for your vagina? Not even your pubes, your actual labia. This product is called My New Pink Button, which seems appropriate since it claims to give you a new pink ... well, you know what.

So at first I was all ready to go off on this product and say how ridiculous it was to sell what really sounds like lipstick for your labia, but guess what? The last time I checked, all four shades: Marilyn, Bettie, Ginger, and Audry are sold out! The lightest shade of pink is Marilyn and will just give you a slight blush, but if you want a "bold burgundy pink color" go for Audry. Who is buying this stuff and can I see some before and after shots?

I have to say that although I have no personal use for this temporary dye, I could not help but laugh at the disclaimer under features that reads, "Our Products are Never Tested on Animals, but it will bring out the Animal in You!"

Ladies, I would like to just put it out there with no scientific research just a lifetime of experience that I'm pretty certain that once the panties are off and you are getting hot and heavy with someone, no one has ever been rejected because their lady bits weren't pink enough.

You know what I would really like because I think it would be funny? I would like a clown nose for my clit. It would be a great way to show your partner where your fun button is and might make them giggle too.

Image via My New Pink Button

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