Is having an online relationship with your ex cheating?

I can spend hours in the MamásLatinas community reading the well-thought-out replies from our amigas to posts from moms who face real-life challenges or moral dilemmas. I decided to turn to our members for their valuable opinions on whether my friend's relationship with her ex on Facebook is considered cheating. I didn't share all of the information in my initial post … but I'll tell you all about it now.  


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My friend is "happily" married; she has three kids and her husband does NOT know about her "relationship" with her ex. This has now been going on for a few months. But as far as she tells me, their discussions are not sexual in nature. In fact, they don't even live in the same country!

I totally understand why she is doing it. She's going through a period of boredom. She's been married for nearly 20 years, she's in her 40s and needs to break the monotony brought on by routine and lack of innovation. Many of us go through this stage!

But in my opinion, as many of the moms state in their replies: "She's playing with fire," putting her marriage at risk, and she should stop it before it's too late. Most of the replies say that she is "faltando el respeto" but not necessarily cheating. Many others say that my friend is cheating "mentally" even if there is no physical contact. Some even say that this form of mental cheating is infidelity, an interpretation of a biblical passage, showing just how religious and highly spiritual many of our mamás are!

A smaller group says that it all depends on how long this has been going on for and what they talk about. I was surprised to see that, although it's only a minority of the replies, there is a sizable number of members who believe that it's not only OK to have a relationship with an ex (or two) online or even via texting but some shared that they are in similar situations! I consider myself to be pretty open-minded and even forward-thinking but I guess like many of my other amigas from the MamásLatinas community, I'm still a bit traditional when it comes to the definition of a relationship in the new, digital age. 

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