I've heard plenty of amazing engagement stories, but this video which captures a surprise flash mob proposal is by far one of the most heartwarming and romantic ones I've seen yet.

As can be seen in the clip, a guy named Dustin was taken to Home Depot under the guise that he was helping his roommate pick out lighting for a party. Once he got there however, he was led to the lumber section, where he had the surprise of a lifetime waiting for him!


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Dustin's boyfriend, Spencer, had arranged for dozens of friends and family members to perform a choreographed dance to the song "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who. As a camera captures Dustin's shocked reaction, more loved ones can be seen walking out in front of the flash mob, waving and dancing as they join the party.

But of course, the best part comes as the song starts to wind down. That's when Spencer himself enters. After joining the others for the very end of the performance, he gives an emotional speech, gets down on one knee, and asks Dustin to marry him. Awww! Is that that sweetest thing ever or what?!

Naturally, Spencer says yes (how could anyone ever say no to that?!), causing all of his family and friends to erupt into cheers. Watch the whole thing below ... trust me, it'll make you tear up!

But Dustin and Spencer aren't the only ones with a memorable proposal story.  Below, check out a few more of the romantic proposals of all time:

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