Idiot beats girlfriend for continuing threesome without him

Any man involved in a threesome knows he's lucky to EVEN be in one, but what isn't cool is if it suddenly becomes a twosome. Terry Antone Jenkins was the lucky guy who found himself having a threesome with his girlfriend and her cousin one Sunday morning. All was well until he "finished" but the ladies decided to continue going.

The 25-year-old was not pleased by this outcome and started feeling left out when he threw a fit. Except his tantrum was so bad it got him arrested…TWICE.


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Police responded to a call at Jenkin's girlfriend's home where they learned that the man became angry when she continued to have sex with her cousin. He then dragged her by the hair, struck her across the face and head, and kicked her in the stomach. 

Jenkins denied having attacked his girlfriend, but her three-inch scratch on her neck proved otherwise. He was arrested and thrown into the Horry County Detention Center where he was released hours later. You would think this slap on the wrist would get Jenkins to behave, but nope. Instead he returned to the scene of the crime and assaulted his girlfriend AGAIN before taking off with her car keys and cell phone. 

Police eventually caught up to him and arrested him for the second time in less than 12 hours and charged him with domestic violence again and driving a vehicle without consent. You would think he would have learned his lesson by now!

This is why I have always said that you need to discuss the ground rules before having a threesome. Someone is bound to get jealous and if you really wanted to have a boring ol'twosome then you should've stuck with that. Threesomes require special sex etiquette and if you're servicing one partner a little more than the other, there are going to be problems. Take this story as an example of what NOT to do if you find yourself in a threesome. Oh yeah, and keep family out of it too!

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