8 Ways to get back in the mood after baby

Every parent knows it takes some serious adjusting to get used to life with a new baby. Between the lack of sleep and the constant diaper changing, it can be hard enough just to find time to take a shower, let alone maintain your sex life.

But while it's completely normal and even necessary for every new mom to take some time to get back in the swing of things in the bedroom, it's also important to keep the spark between you and your partner alive. After all, sex is a significant factor in every relationship!

Need some help? Below, check out eight ways to get back in the mood after baby:


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1. Make sure you're both pitching in. If you're handling all things baby 24/7, you'll be exhausted and the only thing you're ever going to want to do is sleep. Let your partner help you out as much as possible so that you get some time to rest too.

2. Start an exercise routine (slowly!). You don't want to overdo it, but getting back into the swing of things at the gym will make you feel better and more confident about yourself and that can help get you back in the mood.

3. Hire a sitter. It's worth the money! You'll feel much relaxed after a date night out and therefore, much more inclined to get busy in the bedroom.

4. Go on a mini get-away. I know it's hard with a baby but being in a different environment--even for just one quick night away--can do wonders for your sex life.

5. Don't wait to lose the baby weight. Give yourself some time, but if you try hold out until you're back to your exact pre-baby size, you'll only put added pressure on yourself ... which isn't likely to help you feel sexy.

6. Talk to your doctor. Sometimes a lack of sex drive can be due to a physical or hormonal issue, so if you think it might be either, check in with your doc just to be safe!

7. Get creative. Spice up your sex life by switching things up. If you normally have sex at night, try doing it in the morning or go outside the bedroom. It'll keep things between you and your partner fresh and exciting!

8. Make out! What better way to get things started than with a steamy kiss?

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