3 Erogenous zones you didn't even know you had

A recent study by Bangor University and University of Witwatersrand analyzed over 800 different people and 41 male and female erogenous zones.They then tested out which body parts they responded to erotically. Not surprisingly, both genders share similar erogenous zones such as the mouth, neck, and genitals ranking high on the list. The areas that turn all of us on the least are feet. Sorry, people with a foot fetish!

This busts the myth that men only have one erogenous zone and women have many. However, this study forgot to mention the three erogenous areas women have in our vaginas...


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It's bad enough that guys can't usually find our "spot" and now they have to look for all three! That's quite the challenge that most would be intimidated to take, but someone has to do it! To be perfectly honest, I had no idea that some of these even existed, therefore my mind was blown away too.

If you are oblivious to them as well then you're in luck because I've broken them all down below. Whether you've heard of one or many of these, why not give it a try tonight with your hubby. You never know what new things you both may learn!

G-Spot: This area is also known as the Grafenberg Spot. It is also referred to as the "female prostate" and can be found through the top wall of the vagina and receives pleasure when penetrated toward the navel.

PS-Spot: This is known as the perineum and perineal sponge. The former is located between the tissue of the vaginal opening and the anus and the second is an area packed with blood vessels found beneath the perineum. This area is located on the opposite side of the G-Spot and pleasure can be felt when pressure is placed in the lower back wall of the vagina.

A-Spot: The Anterior Fornix is located in the wall of the vagina, next to the cervix, beyond the G-Spot. When stimulated one side of the bladder throught the front wall of the vagina, it can bring pleasure. This is the hardest area to reach therefore using a vibrator with a curved tip or having your partner touch that area as you pull your knees up may help.

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