Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that it's not easy and it's definitely not cheap. These days, brides and grooms often spend upwards of tens of thousands of dollars on their nuptials--but that isn't the case with one penny-saving U.K. couple!  

According to the Daily Mail, Georgina Porteous and now-husband Sid Innes only spent $1.50 on their wedding. Yup, you read that right. Just ONE dollar and a few cents! So how in the world did they manage to pull that off?!

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Apparently, the couple didn't want a "big, fancy affair," instead choosing to take the money they might have spent and invest it in a home or on a six-month trip. So they relied upon using found, recycled or donated items and services from their friends and family for the entire ceremony. Some examples? The bride's father played jazz on his saxophone in lieu of a band or DJ, an aunt baked the cake, and the rings were actually carved from antlers found in Porteous' garden. Pretty creative, right?!

Guests all also brought their food and drink to the reception, which took in a barn behind the couple's home. Besides the required marriage license fee, the only thing they actually bought for the wedding was Porteous' wedding dress, which she found on a clothing site that swaps used, unwanted items. The total cost? One pound, approximately $1.50.

I honestly can't help but be a little impressed that they find everything they needed for essentially no money. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a big wedding if that's what you want, but I like that this couple stayed true to their style and decided to do things their way. It just proves that when it comes to weddings, every single should be as unique and personal as the couple holding it!

Besides, they're not the only ones to get married in a very unconventional manner. Below, check out more unique weddings:

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Hardware store wedding 1

Hardware store wedding

Image via WLTX-TV

After getting engaged, South Carolina couple Eva James and Daryl Pittman, decided to tie the knot exactly where they met. So they ended up saying their vows at the True Value hardware store next to BBQ grills and tools!


Skype wedding 2

Skype wedding

Image via YouTube

After two years of dating, Trey Durham and his now wife, Jacqueline, realized they couldn't wait until Durham returned from Afghanistan later this year. So instead, they  decided to get married this past week in a super sweet ceremony that took place over Skype!


Gas station reception 3

Gas station reception

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Photographer Nick Hannes was visiting Greece when he came across an unexpected scene--a wedding taking place at a gas station! After talking to the family, he discovered that the father of the bride owned the gas station and urged his daughter to have the reception there to save expenses.

Hot Air Balloon ceremony 4

Hot Air Balloon ceremony

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A California couple apparently decided it would be romantic to get married while in the sky at sunset. So just this week, they boarded a hot air balloon with their entire wedding party. Unfortunately, just minutes after takeoff, the thing came crashing down! 


Taco Bell weddings 5

Taco Bell weddings

Image via Gene Garver/ Facebook

Apparently, Taco Bell is the new hot spot to get married! As told to the Huffington Post by a company spokesperson, fans of the fast food joint often ask if they can have their wedding there!


99 cents store wedding 6

99 cents store wedding

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In honor of September 9, 2009 (9/9/09), the 99 Cents Only Store in Hollywood married nine engaged couples for the cost of 99 cents per couple. The décor for the wedding ceremony and reception were made entirely from items sold at the store, including a gown made entirely from items found at 99 Cents Only Stores. The couples even got a receipt!


Nude wedding 7

Nude wedding

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An unorthodox New Zealand couple, Nick and Wendy Lowe, got married in the nude! According to a local newspaper, the entire wedding was actually "clothing optional."