Jail time for infidelity may be the worst idea ever

Some things just make absolutely no sense to me. Shall I elaborate? Let's consider the ruling of the Indian Supreme Court on Monday. The Indian Supreme Court ruled that men who cheat on their wife could face jail time and be convicted for domestic cruelty, but only if their wife commits suicide and it can be proven that the suicide was a direct result of the husband's cheating. Huh?! Wait! Cheating is a crime, but only if a wife kills herself because of it?


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I don't think cheating should be punishable by law. I know it sucks and all, but think of all the people that would be in jail because of it if you could just lock up cheaters. I don't think that there are enough jails in the world to hold all the adulterers out there. Am I right? Not to mention, think of all the politicians we'd have to lock up. Who would be left to govern?

Okay, so it is totally impractical to criminalize cheating and what the Indian Supreme Court ruled seems absurd. How the heck could you possibly prove that a husband went and had an affair that led to his wife to killing herself? I mean once the wife is dead, who the heck is going to spend the time and money to go after the cheating husband and how the heck can you prove that the affair was what led to the wife's suicide?

This ruling came about because some guy, Pinakin Mahipatray Rawal, had an extramarital affair with a co-worker, then his wife committed suicide. He was convicted of mental cruelty and abetting his wife's suicide. The high court overturned the ruling saying that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that Rawal had an affair and even if he did, he hadn't done enough to make him responsible for his wife's suicide.

I'm gonna have to agree with the high court on this one. Sure a cheater is a cheater, but I think it's pretty scary if you start saying that cheating can be used as a sort of weapon to drive someone else to commit suicide. I'm not saying that people should cheat, but I also don't think that cheating makes you into some kind of murderer or suicide abettor. It does however, make you a lousy spouse.

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