Woman sues gyno after routine surgery ruins her vagina

A Canadian woman and her husband are suing her gynecologist for $225,000 because she claims he left her vagina too tight after surgery. The unnamed patient was admitted to CHUL hospital in Quebec in 2010 to give birth to her son.

The lady says that Dr. Guy Buldoc delivered the baby without complication, but sewed up her vagina too tight afterwards. Clearly, this has had a terrible affect on her sex life. Yeesh, I'm cringing just thinking about it!


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It all began with an episiotomy, a very common (though some argue unnecessary) procedure in which an incision is made below the vagina to make delivery easier. According to CNews.com, The doctor told the couple to avoid having sex for six weeks as the woman recovered, but it turned out, it wasn't that simple.

The poor woman claims she started experiencing pain during sex and went to a second doctor who discovered that the stitches had come apart and that there was significant scarring which prevented penetration. The only options she was given to relieve the problem were to practice kegels or get vaginal reconstructive surgery. She decided to avoid surgery and opted for the vaginal exercises instead, but she never got better!

That's when she filed a lawsuit against the first doctor for physical harm, pain, stress, frustration and loss of enjoyment of life. Her husband too sued the doctor for $75,000 for damages of pain and suffering.

I understand where this couple is coming from because I would probably be upset too if a doctor ruined my sex life. The poor husband is literally suffering because he can't have sex with his wife if she's always in agony. I hope she wins the lawsuit so that they put the money towards vaginal reconstruction surgery! Hopefully, that would solve their problem quickly.

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