10 Stupid questions you NEVER want your man to ask you

I swear every woman has had to deal with her fair share of stupid questions--made by men of course! In fact, it was just the other day a girlfriend of mine (who has recently picked up a few pounds) was venting to me about how one of her close idiot male friends asked if she was pregnant. I had to stop and take a second to  process what she was telling me because I could NOT believe it.

Why is it that a man can walk around with a disgusting gut and we say nothing, yet the second a woman develops even the slightest belly bulge, a man automatically speculates that she's pregnant. Seriously, when are they going to finally get that you should NEVER EVER ask a woman if she's pregnant? Like no matter what!


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Sadly, I don't think men are ever going to understand what they should and should never ask a woman. And unfortunately the worst questions always come from your own man, like "Do you have your period?" as if it's the only thing that gets us in a bad mood or my personal favorite--"What's wrong?" So the next time your man decides to piss you off with another one of his incredibly annoying questions, show him this list of 10 things you should never ask a woman. Maybe he'll finally get the message!

1. Are you getting your period or something? Listen up fellas, unless you want your woman to go buck wild on you (in a bad way), you should probably avoid asking her this question. Because the truth is, if she's in a pissy mood it's most likely because of you, not her period.

2. Are you mad at me? If you have to ask the question, you probably already know the answer.

3. What's wrong? Oh you know what's wrong all right!

4. How much did that cost? Sorry guys, women don't shop and tell.

5. Can you make dinner reservations? FYI: if you plan on treating your woman for dinner, you should probably be the one making the restaurant reservations. Just saying!

6. The house is a mess, what have you done all day?  Do. Not. Ask. This. Question. Unless you want her to flip out on you!

7. What, are you a feminist now? Seriously, what is up with guys and this idiotic question? Is this supposed to be an insult or something? Most of us take pride in being feminists and, YES, we believe men and women should be treated as equals!

8. Can you grab me a beer from the fridge? You have legs, get up and get it yourself!

9. Did you do something different to your hair? Not being able to realize what's different about her hair is just as bad as not noticing at all.

10. Why aren't you eating? Just because we're not stuffing our faces and trying to watch our weight doesn't mean we're starving ourselves!

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