7 Things you didn't know about female ejaculation

If you've heard of female ejaculation, then you've probably also been told that it is a myth. The truth is that it CAN happen! Although it's a bit taboo, I'm here to tell you that men aren't the only ones who can ejaculate outside of the body.

Are you curious to find out more about this female bodily phenomenon? Read on to have your most complicated questions answered!


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Female ejaculation is rarely discussed and still remains a mystery--even to doctors and scientists. There are some fascinating things you should know about this phenomenon that will show you just how fascinating our bodies are. For all you know, you've already "squirted" in the past and didn't even know it! 

It happens only to some women: Unfortunately not all women possess the ability to ejaculate, which is also why many believe it isn't possible.

It was once thought to be urine: Up until the 1980's doctors believed that female ejaculation was just urine. Kegel exercises were thought to solve the problem since they are intended to strengthen the pelvic muscles. However, ejaculation and urine are different substances.

The Skene glands: These particular glands are in the anterior wall of the vagina by the lower part of the urethra. They are believed to be the area the liquid comes from.

We can "squirt" up to a teaspoonful: Similar to men, we can release up to a teaspoonful of ejaculate. It also looks like watered down milk.

It doesn't always happen during orgasm: For the longest time it was believed that all women ejaculated during an orgasm. However this doesn't happen for many because when the muscles tighten post-orgasm, the liquid gets pushed back into the bladder.

The G-Spot is key: If you've always wanted to experience ejaculation, have your man focus on your G-Spot. The G-spot can be found on the front of the vagina and when stimulated often the possibility of ejaculation can happen.

It's completely normal: If it happens to you, don't freak out. Just know that you're one of the few lucky ones who can do it! 

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