7 Ways to make sex during your period more comfortable

The initial thought of having sex while you have your period may make you cringe, but you may be missing out on the best time to do it! Yeah, I went there, because let's be honest, this topic of conversation is bound to come up at one point or another in your relationship. The consensus is that you either hate it or love it.

If you're the former then perhaps the reason it doesn't feel so pleasant is because you're doing it wrong! In fact, there are ways to make it more comfortable for both of you.


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If your man can get over the fear of getting a little bit dirty, they may love the benefits of having sex during your time of the month too. Check out these helpful tips to ease your way into comfortable period sex.

We promise you won't regret it!

Prepare: Unlike regular sex, you do need to prepare to have sex on your period. Towels are a must and pretty self-explanatory. The last thing you want is a bloodstained comforter. Also, don't forget tissues or paper towels for him.

Try the shower: If you don't want to waste your time prepping, then having sex in the shower might be a lot easier. It's also less messy and you'll be too distracted to remember that you are on your period.

Choose your lighter days: If you're familiar with your flow, you know what days you tend to bleed more or less. Choose the days you bleed less to have sex in order for things to be less messy.

Wear a soft cup: If your man is really freaked out at the idea of blood getting on his penis, insert a soft cup to reduce the messiness. These diaphragm like cups are intended to be used for period sex and can be found in drugstores.

Have a blanket handy: There will be some months that your period will have a stronger odor than others. If the smell is really bothersome, use a blanket to cover yourselves up to the neck

Stick to missionary position: The last thing you want to do while you're on your period is to start experimenting with Kama Sutra like positions. Stick to good old missionary or on your side to keep things less messy.

You will reap many benefits: Vaginal dryness will not be an issue due to the extra lubrication, but the sex shortens the longevity of your period and reduces cramps due to the pain relieving benefits caused by orgasms.    

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