We're all adults here, right? So we can talk about adult topics, right? If you are not an adult, then you are not invited to this conversation. Come back when you are an adult. Okay, now that we got the yunguns out of the picture let's talk about porn and I don't mean the kind of porn that the men in your life watch (oh trust me, they watch it even if they say they don't), I'm talking about the kind of porn that appeals to women. Porn that is made especially for women. Don't blush, it's okay, women are allowed to watch porn too, it's totally legal and now that the internets makes it something you can see from the privacy of your own hom,  I'm thinking there are plenty of female eyes looking at online porn, so what are some of the best porn sites for women?

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Now, I am no expert here, no really I'm not, but here are three excellent sites for female-friendly porn.

  • Good Vibrations: This place is great. I've been to an actual brick and mortar location and it is totally female-friendly and doesn't feel at all shmarmy (is that a word?). Anyway, their online store offers videos on demand divided into categories. They even offer "feminist porn."

  • Hot Movies for Her: Here you can read reviews of porn by other women so you can decide what you want to watch before watching.

  • Vivid-Ed: Take an educational approach. You can watch videos at this site for two purposes: to get off and/or to learn something new to you like...well, I'm sure you can think of a thing or two.

So ladies, what do you think ... ladies??? HEY where did you all go? Never mind, I bet I have an idea.

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I've been making and curating porn for women since 2000. If you want a more comprehensive list of adult sites that cater to women of all genders and sexualities, please visit http://www.femalefriendlyporn.com/ I've also got more information on feminist porn at http://www.feministpornguide.com/ The sites listed include straight porn, "softer" style stuff, queer porn and more hardcore varieties. But they all respect women as viewers, offer a female perspective and give priority to female pleasure.
There are lots of great websites out there for women. You don't even have to look very hard anymore. A few of my favorites are (other then the ones already listed); DuskTV (dusktv.nl) Sssh.com (Sssh.com) Met Art (Met-Art.com) Lust Cinema (lustcinema.com) For The Girls (forthegirls.com)

I love Sssh.com, awesome site.  I'll check out the other suggestions as well.  It's great seeing this topic becoming more mainstream.

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WTF is "female-friendly" porn site. As if a person being female means they should be treated like they are incapable of handling regular pornsites. What a load of sexist horsechit.
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hmm too bad you have to pay 4 these
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bubblesandwinemovies.com - great movies, no membership fees or junk. Lots of fun movies I enjoying watching with my BF.
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Thank You so much for the tips! Also the people Who left conments: thank You! @Phookyu please read dusk.com and then 'what is porna'. Maby then you understand what womenfriendly porn is!
my personal favorite is http://www.xonetube.com
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Thank you! Most porn is geared toward male audiences and personally I want to see attractive men in my porn. Idk if thats just me but I'm hopeful these sites can help in my search!
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Actually, most porn sites are not geared towards men. Men are not hard wired to want to brutalise, use and degrade women. Porn has been actively working towards brainwashing the last couple of generations of men into objectifying, degrading and harming women. No woman in any standard porn movie enjoys sex. Ever. Particularly when they are faking it. Those awful fauxgasm noises are so off putting and embarrassing. The bottom line is there is no reason, at all, why men cannot enjoy real sex movies. They just have to be weaned off of these violent, degrading movies which insult and harm men just as much as they do women. If you allow yourself to watch women actually orgasm and enjoy sex you can never be fooled by objectifying, degrading porn again.
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