6 "Weird" relationship behaviors that are actually totally normal

We all know that every couple is different, but have you ever wondered if your relationship is as "normal" and easy as everyone else's seems to be? Sometimes, it might seem like you or your partner's behavior towards each other is totally out there. But in fact, many of the tendencies that you might consider odd are probably way more common than you think--and they don't necessarily mean you should be rethinking the relationship.

Below, check out six "weird" relationship behaviors that are actually totally normal:


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1. Having different interests: It's not only normal for you and your partner to enjoy different  hobbies, it's healthy. The things you love doing are part of what makes  you, you and you wouldn't be happy without them. So as long as you agree on the fundamental things as a couple, there's no reason that each person in the relationship shouldn't partake in their own passions.

2. Needing "me" time: Everyone needs some time to themselves, every now and then. So don't feel guilty about taking it. It'll make you a better person and partner.

3. Not being in the mood: Most couples have periods of time when their sex life is just not that active. Maybe it's because you just had a child or you're going through an especially busy period at work and are tired. Whatever the case, know that it doesn't necessarily signify a problem in your relationship--and that stressing about it or forcing it definitely won't help you get back in the swing of things.

4. Arguing: You're HUMAN and you're both individuals with your opinions and experiences. If you don't argue with each other at some points, you're probably being insincerely agreeable on purpose to avoid confrontation--which is much less worse than just confronting the issue head on.

5. Shifting feelings: You know how you can sometimes feel less close to one of your  good riends, only for things to feel totally normal a few months later? Your feelings romantic relationships are like that too. They change and evolve all the time and that's perfectly normal.

6. Finding other people attractive: Appreciating someone else's good looks doesn't make you any less faithful to your partner. Allowing yourself to dwell and act on that appreciation does.

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