7 Reasons you should have sex everyday

The thought of having sex everyday may seem exhausting, but it's exactly what Huffington Post blogger, Brittany Gibbons, did for a year with her husband. To some this might seem like a breeze, but to Gibbons this was a big deal because as she admits, she is bad at intimacy. This was mostly derived from her insecurities and the anxiety she would get when it came to sex.

She decided to propose this idea to her husband because she was afraid she was going to ruin their marriage. As a result, she learned that it was the best decision she could have ever made. So how exactly did it help her?


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Gibbons explains that having sex frequently taught her a lot about herself. It increased her confidence, taught her what she did and didn't like in bed, and most importantly strengthened the bond between her and her husband. It's great that she was able to face her fears since many women are faced with the same intimacy dilemmas.

In fact, why wouldn't you have sex daily? You will be satisfying your man and vice versa, and there are lots of benefits you could reap from--as Gibbons proved. It's time to get over that intimacy fear ladies and start getting it on ASAP!

Checking out our list of the amazing ways it can help you in the long run… 

You'll hardly ever get sick: Sex keeps you from falling ill because it increases the immune-boosting antibody,immunoglobulin A. Therefore your immune system will be stronger than ever if you do it daily!

It will strengthen your relationship: After a full day of work, it's almost impossible to have time to bond with your significant other. Having sex is a good way to bring you closer and help you relieve some stress. 

You'll gain confidence: If you're insecure about the way your body looks, then sex can make you more comfortable with it. By getting used to being naked, you'll even have more satisfying sex since you're not focused on your flaws. 

You'll look younger: Having an orgasm releases endorphins and boosts your skin's production of vitamin D which gives it a youthful glow. You'll be happier and live longer too! 

You'll relieve your pain: For the longest time you've used the excuse of being in pain to get out of having sex. Studies suggest that sex can actually relieve that headache or other aches because the endorphins your body releases act as pain killers.  

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