In an unbelievable twist of fate, a husband and wife who were born on the same day and spent over seven decades together died this month just one day apart.

According to their son Les Brown Jr, 94-year-old Helen Brown died on July 16 of stomach cancer while 94-year-old Les Brown died the next day after battling Parkinson's disease. It's a sad yet poetic end to their otherwise amazing love story.

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The Browns were both reportedly born on New Years Eve in 1918. They met and became sweethearts in high school before eloping at the age of 18, despite their parent's disapproval. Last September, they celebrated their 75th anniversary.

"It was a real love match, wasn't it. They were together every day for 75 years," Brown Jr. told the Long Beach Press-Telegram. His brother Daniel confirmed his account, saying, "My mom often said she didn't want to see my father die and he didn't want to live without her."

Aww ... doesn't that just bring tears to your eyes?! What an absolutely amazing story. Their relationship sounds like one out of a fairytale. Clearly, these two were meant to be each other's soulmates. And though they might be gone now, I don't think their love will ever be forgotten, particularly by those closest to them.

Below, check out five other amazing stories that prove true love is real:

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Middle-school love letter 1

Middle-school love letter

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Some couples were just meant to be! Take for example Florida duo Cathy Knorr and Trevor Webb. The two wed in October--22 years after Webb, then in sixth grade, wrote his first love note to her. Knorr kept the note and they ended up displaying it at their wedding! Aww!


'Til death do us part 2

'Til death do us part

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After years of marriage, Melvin and Doris Cornelson died within hours of each other, proving true love does exist. Doris had taken care of Melvin while he was battling cancer and hours after he passed away, she took a nap and never woke up. "They always stuck up for each other," their kids said.


Wrong number 3

Wrong number

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In a story that sounds like its straight out a movie, U.K. couple Brian Woodward and Elizabeth Bennett met after Woodward dialed the wrong number. Nine years later, they got married!

Skype wedding 4

Skype wedding

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After two years of dating, Trey Durham and his new wife, Jacqueline, realized they couldn't wait until Durham returned from Afghanistan later this year. Instead, they decided to get married over Skype!


80 years strong 5

80 years strong

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John and Ann Betar of Fairfield  Connecticut, have been married for an astonishing 80 years!  Isn't that amazing? And I'm not the only one who thinks so! They were recently honored as the winners of the 2013 Longest Married Couple Project from Christian organization Worldwide Marriage Encounter.


Same birthday 6

Same birthday

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The Browns were born on the same day and spent over seven decades together before they died in September of last year just one day apart. "It was a real love match, wasn't it. They were together every day for 75 years," their son told the Long Beach Press-Telegram. Aww!