The REAL reason men perform oral sex on women is…

Oral sex for women is still a very taboo topic, but have you ever wondered why men are willing to go down there? A study published recently in the Scientific Journal of Evolutionary Psychology surveyed 243 men to determine why they perform oral sex on their partners. The study is a bit controversial since it did not survey why women do it themselves, but it did touch on some interesting observations.

So why exactly do men perform oral sex on women? The answer may surprise you--or at least make some sense…


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The U.K. Daily Mail explains that part of the reason men perform oral sex is because of a "mate retention tactic" intended to keep women from cheating and to preserve their sperm. The study titled "Is cunnilingus-assisted orgasm a mate-retention strategy?" had scientists hypothesizing that the reason men perform oral sex is to keep the woman satisfied in the relationship and prevent her from straying. The research explained that they know they're in competition with other men for their woman and performing oral sex keeps them at bay.

But the other reason researchers observed for the act during their study was for men to retain their sperm. They said that when a woman orgasms during sex shortly after her partner does, it causes uterine contractions which means she absorbs more sperm. This increases her chances of becoming pregnant--which is the point (in survival of the fittest terms)!

The researchers admit that although this only proves one side of their theory, there still needs to be further research done to find out more sides of the reason. Their findings make sense to some but, others disagree and believe that not everything needs to be scientifically proven.  

I don't know exactly how I feel about this survey, but it is fascinating that the woman's body can obtain more sperm depending on when she orgasms during sex. It also doesn't sound farfetched that men perform oral sex to keep their ladies around. There are definitely some men out there who don't like the act and refuse to perform it, which probably leads to these women seeking a guy who will. Maybe now that these researchers have found why the men do it, they can find out why we do it too. For all we know, the answers are similar!  

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