You CAN orgasm at the same time as your man! Here's how

When it comes to sex, you want to experience pleasure as does your man. The biggest challenge though is: how do you achieve that big "O" together? If you've never experienced it, it may sound impossible, but if you have, you know what a delight it really is. Although a rare occurrence, orgasming at the same time as your partner is a possibility.

Not only does it add to the intensity of your sex session, but it also in its own special way can bring you closer together. Are you ready to have a simultaneous orgasm? Then read on to find out how you and your man can achieve one at the same time!


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Condom maker Durex actually coined the phrase "Wegasm" to describe the act when a couple orgasms at the same time. If you ever noticed sex scenes in movies, they almost more than always try to make it appear as if the couple finishes at the same time. In real life, that's not always the case--which is why we're here to fix that for you.

Behold, the key to having a "wegasm" can be found right below!

Think it will happen: The mind is such a powerful thing when it comes to achieving an orgasm. If you think you will have an orgasm, it ups your chances of actually having one. Research done at the Sexual Psychophysiology Lab at the University of Texas at Austin found that expectations play an important role when it comes to orgasms. If you are confident that you'll have one, you're one step closer towards your goal.

Foreplay: Sexual chemistry is important in the bedroom, but you'll be surprised to know the key to having an orgasm begins outside of it. Sext, flirt, tease each other throughout the day in order to prepare yourself for what's to come.

Stay stimulated: It doesn't take rocket science to know that men have an easier time getting aroused than women. They're ready to go within seconds, but women take a lot more time to get to the peak of sexual arousal. Make sure you keep the foreplay going for as long as you want until you're good and ready to go. This will only help you two to be heavily aroused at the same time and increases the chances of a shared orgasm.

Choose a sexual postion: Next you need to choose a sex position that you know can usually get you off. Preferably go with one that encourages clitoral stimulation which gives you a higher chance of achieving an orgasm. Your man also has to make sure to hold off on orgasming and this may require him to slow down in order to be synchronized with you.

Be vocal: Once you feel like you are reaching that big "O", tell him! Make sure that he tells you the same in order for you to know where you both are to perfectly sync up your orgasms. Now that's what I call telenovela love making!

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