Watching porn can actually be GOOD for your relationship ladies!

Porn is one of those topics that either gets some people blushing and others shamelessly intrigued. Despite its taboos, did you know that porn can actually help keep your relationship healthy? It may sound strange that a video of strangers having sex together all throughout a cheesy plotline could have some benefits for you and your man.

Long gone are the days when it was thought that men are the only ones porn caters to. In fact, there are even specific "couples" pornos intended for both parties and not just one. If you keep an open mind, you'll be surprised to see how porn can improve your relationship and even get you to discover a side of your partner that you never knew existed.


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If you've been shy about the porno experience, then here is why you should give it a shot. Pop in your cheesy porno of choice--even if it's a copy of When Harry Ate Sally. You may just surprise your man and end up having the best sex of your life!

It's a learning experience: Just like when you first started being sexually active, you had to start from somewhere. You experimented to learn how you like to be touched and what you didn't like and the same applies to porn. Sometimes certain things you'll see in porn will strike a light bulb in your head and inspire you to try out a sex move differently.

You'll gain more confidence: If you are hesitant about watching porn with your hubby or on your own, then this is why it is the solution for you. Your man isn't comparing you to the woman on the screen; instead it's encouraging him to want you. Even though you may think the woman in the film is more attractive the only things he's thinking about is jumping YOUR bones.

It helps you explore new options: Maybe you and your hubby have gone through a dry spell or haven't been able to master that one challenging sex move. Sometimes you can use porn as a guide to give you alternative options or how to properly do that thing he likes so much.

It can improve communication: If you know what you want, you won't be afraid to ask for it. Porn can help you explain to your partner what it is your want done to you and how you want it. Heck, all you have to do is point it out on the screen to them. This will only strengthen your bond and hopefully improve your sex life!

You will most likely to orgasm: If we're going to be honest, you know that you don't reach the big "O" every time you have sex. Watching porn can increase that possibility since it heightens the sexual experience. If you've never had an orgasm, then maybe giving porn a shot may help your situation!

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