'50 Shades of Grey' has NOTHING on 23-year-old Marie Calloway! (VIDEO)

Marie Calloway is not her real name, but that is the name that this 23-year-old writer pens her memoirish sex tales under. I'm not gonna lie I haven't read any of her pieces in their entirety, but I suspect that is about to change very soon because all the hype I've been reading about Calloway's stories has got me beyond curious. At 23, I hardly knew what I was doing sexually and certainly wouldn't have been able to write about my adventures and misadventures candidly or in any way that would make an audience larger than myself be interested, but Calloway has got people interested. Her works are considered far more X-rated than Fifty Shades of Grey


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Calloway first made heads turn with her short story, Adrien Brody (which I am in the process of reading and find interesting enough to continue reading, but haven't gotten to the sex part yet); it describes an affair she had with a web-writer she greatly admired. She refers to him as Adrien Brody to disguise his real identity. Although since I have a thing for men with big noses I love that she refers to him as Adrien Brody for personal ahem reasons.

Anyway, when her book What Purpose Did I Serve in Your Life came out, she was contacted by the Dr. Phil show to make a personal appearance perhaps to have Dr. Phil let her know in his own special sort of way what a bad example she is setting for young women, but I guess that when Dr. Phill's staff finally got down to reading the book, they deemed it too hot to handle. I'll let you know what I think when I read it.


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