5 Ways to get over a bad breakup

So you broke up with your man. Whether you just got dumped or were the one to break it off, it still really hurts. Believe me, chica, I get it. I recently had to end a seven year relationship with a man I envisioned being with the rest of my life, so I definitely feel your pain. But you will get over this! In fact, it's only been three weeks since I officially broke up with my ex and I feel great!


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Of course in the beginning you'll feel a roller coaster of emotions ranging from sad, to lonely, depressed, rejected, and even pissed off. You'll find yourself crying in the middle of the night, stalking his social media accounts, checking your phone for messages, and even trying to stay in touch with his friends and family in hopes of them telling you he's been depressed too. But you're really doing yourself more harm than good, and now it's time to pull yourself back together. Check out a few of my tips below that will help you recover from your breakup--and fast!

Erase his number: This is literally one of the first things I did after we broke up. It kind of hurt at first, but it definitely helped me avoid making any crazy emotional calls I know I would have really regretted later. Besides, he's out of your life now right? So why let his contact info take up space on your phone?

Surround yourself with family and friends: I can't stress enough how important it is to keep yourself surrounded by love ones. Do feel-good activities, whether it's catching up with a girlfriend over coffee or playing miniature golf with your kids. The support will remind you that it's not the end of the world. Not to mention you'll have so much fun when you're with them you'll practically forget about your ex. Jose who?

Keep yourself busy: The worst thing you can do is do nothing. This is only going to lead to obsessive thoughts and It's not worth it. Instead engage in productive, stress-free activities that are going to help relax and clear your mind, like meditating or practicing yoga.

Throw out his stuff: I actually plan on throwing out all the pieces of clothing he's left at my place and donating all the beautiful gifts he gave me to charity. Just hope I don't jinx anyone!

Exercise: Listen, you're single now so you basically need to look better than ever. If there's one thing I definitely haven't done since my breakup is let myself go. I've actually been working out more than usual. You gotta look hot (for you and hopefully your next guy!).

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