7 Causes of painful sex & how to solve them

As far as I'm concerned sex is supposed to be the BEST feeling ever! And while pain in some cases could just be part of the pleasure, too much of it could indicate a problem. Most of us at some point have experienced uncomfortable and painful sex and--let's be honest--there's nothing fun about it! In fact, it's pretty darn frustrating. But there are a number of reasons why you could be experiencing that during intercourse, from a medical condition to just not being lubricated enough. Find out what it is to help you bring the fun back in your sex life!


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He might be TOO big: Yes chicas, there is such thing as a guy with an ultra large package and it's not always a good thing. He might be so big it feels like he's tearing up your insides. But that doesn't mean you can't be compatible in the bedroom. The key is to make sure you engage in a lot of foreplay. The more aroused you are, the more moist your vagina is going to get and it will even expand. And starting off make sure he goes in nice and sloooow!

You might be dry: There's a number of reasons why some women experience vaginal dryness. It can be triggered by anything, from menopause to even your birth control. Dryness can have a pretty big and BAD impact on your sex life, but luckily there are ways to keep you moisturized down there. Try using a lubricate beforehand. But remember you might have to experiment with a few before you find the best one for you.

Lack of exercise: If you really needed another reason to finally hit up the gym this year, then you should know that exercise could boost up your sex life. Not being physically active can affect your blood circulation and even cause cramping in your pelvic muscles that can result in painful sex. Try incorporating some sort of exercise routine throughout your week, even if it's just taking a 15 minute walk during your lunch break.

You're backed up: Believe it or not, if you haven't moved your bowels in a few days this could be the reason for the pain. Think about it, constipation creates a lot of pressure in your pelvic area that can make sex feel very very uncomfortable. So make sure to incorporate extra fiber into your diet to get you going regularly. Your vagina will thank you for it.

It could be your bladder: Some women experience urinary tract infections more often than others. And there's definitely nothing more painful than sex while having a UTI. Make sure you're peeing and washing before and after sex. And always avoid wiping yourself form the back to the front because that can cause bacteria to move into your vagina. If you're prone to urinary tract infections keep yourself constantly hydrated with water throughout the day and avoid drinking alchohol or caffeine before sex. This could wind up irritating your bladder and making you feel like you have to pee during intercourse.

You might have an infection: If the sex is feeling extra painful, make sure to evaluate your discharge. The pain could be a sign of a yeast or vaginal infection. STDS could also lead to similar symptoms, so make sure to check with your doctor.

If he has a curved penis: I can't tell you how many times I've had a girlfriend vent to me about this problem. The truth is not all men have a straight penis, and it's okay there's ways to work around it. Try experimenting with different positions that feel more comfortable.  If nothing works and you find the curvature in his penis to be too extreme,  have him check with a urologist. But don't give up!

Dyspareunia: Believe it or not there's an actual condition caused by menopause known as Dyspareunia, that leads to painful sex. Actress Virgina Madsen has been working as the spokesperson for a campaign called "Finding the Words" which aims to help encourage women to discuss this condition with their doctors and seek treatment.

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