Poor guy's penis is viciously bitten because he just wasn't in the mood

Sometimes when you are in a relationship, one of you is in the mood for love and the other one is just not interested. Usually, it's women who get the rap for turning down the amorous advances of their significant others, but that is not always the case. There are times when a dude is just not in the mood. Just ask Krystle Harrison, who allegedly viciously bit her boyfriend's penis because he refused to have sex with her.


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According to the police report, 19-year-old Krystle was in bed late at night with her 24-year-old boyfriend, Jeffrey Wilkinson, and she was trying to get some nookie, but he refused repeatedly. She went from trying to arouse him with touch to biting his penis for refusing. Ouch!

The couple shares their home with their infant son. After Jeffrey got bitten on the ding-a-ling, he took off. Harrison allegedly followed him, slapped him, and gave him some scratches on the chest.

Harrison was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery. Wilkinson does not want to press charges. Aww, he sounds like a nice guy. He didn't even seek medical attention for his bit penis.

I can understand being a little perturbed when you are trying to be all sexy and your partner is like, No way, get off of me. And then if you are really in the mood and you keep trying and they are still like, No way, you might want to throw a hissy fit, but I would advise any woman who wants to use a man's penis for pleasure to not bite it. He might just hold it against you and never put out again.

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