WATCH this horribly ironic breakup on Kiss Cam (VIDEO)

At a Fresno Grizzlies minor league game last week, the Kiss Cam scanned the audience looking for and encouraging couples to kiss like it always does, but this time it captured more than kisses--it may have captured a very public breakup!


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One of the "couples" that the Kiss Cam displayed and kept going back to did not kiss. Oh, one of them kept trying to go in for a kiss, but the other one wouldn't have anything to do with it. This may be the first incidence of the Kiss Cam causing a breakup.

The male in the duo was on the phone and actually gave the woman "the hand" when she tried to go in for a kiss. The Kiss Cam goes on its merry way and shows other couples kissing, but returns to the first couple where the woman once again gets rejected by her phone-talking companion. More kisses are captured and when the Kiss Cam returns to the first couple for the third time, the woman has had it with being rejected, she dumps a drink on the man's head, and leaves with the mascot accompanied by cheers from the crowd. Hilarious!

Now it is possible that the whole thing may have been staged for the enjoyment of the crowd. Regardless, it is hilarious. You can watch the video below and make up your own mind whether you think this is real or staged. I will suggest that you watch the video once to see what happens and then watch it again to see the reaction of the woman in the background. Her face is priceless when the drink gets dumped on the dude.

Image via Youtube

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