5 Reasons to have MORE morning sex

There are all types of sex out there, but nothing compares to morning sex. While some are indifferent to it, there are many benefits that come with doing the deed first thing in the a.m. It doesn't matter whether you're a morning person or not because these little tidbits will change your perspective in the long run. Despite the morning breath and initial laziness, sex will get anyone out of bed. So what are the benefits of a little morning loving? You're about to find out…


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You know that gooey feeling you get waking up next to your partner and feeling like the luckiest woman alive? You should take advantage of that and make your man feel appreciated in that moment in time. He may not feel happy being risen from his slumber, but he'll change his mind once he sees what is REALLY going on.

Seriously, what guy won't sacrifice some sleep to get some action? So for that reason we've come up with the 5 reasons why having morning sex is good for your health!

1. Energy: After making love in the morning you'll have an abundance of energy which even means you can even skip your cafecito in the morning.

2. Better heart health: Your chances of getting a stroke or a heart attack lessen because blood circulation improves.  It even alleviates migraines and inflammation.

3. Go makeup free: Having sex first thing in the morning gives you that orgasmic "glow." It also provides shine for your hair due to its ability to increase estrogen and other hormone production.

4. Better mood: You'll have a pep in your step by getting it on when you wake up. The feel-good hormones will not only benefit you and your partner, but you'll experience less of a case of the Mondays by doing so.

5. Boost your immune system: Having sex in the morning boosts your levels of IGA, an antibody your system needs to fight any forms of infection. So not only will you have more energy and be in a good mood, but you'll get sick less!

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