Woman forces fiancee to also marry two of her friends, is officially worst Bridezilla EVER!

A Saudi man was recently left shocked when his fiancée informed him she would only marry him on one condition: He also had to marry two of her friends!

When his bride-to-be first requested that he also marry her two work colleagues (all school teachers), the man apparently laughed it off, thinking it was all a joke. But he quickly realized that she was completely serious. Can you believe that?!


According  to Arabic language daily paper Alyourn, the man eventually agreed to marry all THREE women after "mediation efforts by relatives." After the marriage, the man rented three separate apartments for each of his new brides.

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And though most would think sharing a husband with two of your friends would be kind of weird, it has apparently done wonders for their friendship. They all take turns spending the night with their husband and even split all of the chores and household work among the three of them, "including cleaning, cooking, and washing on that day."

Well, this is definitely the most bizarre thing I've read all week! I mean, obviously I've heard of polygamy before, but I sure as heck haven't heard of a case in which the wife demanded that her man marry two of her best friends. It's just strange, especially considering the man didn't seem all too taken with the idea and basically had to be talked into it. I can't help but wonder why the woman was so adamant about her request, even threatening not to marry her fiancée if he didn't comply. Call me crazy, but forcing someone into one marriage, let alone multiple marriages, doesn't sound like the healthiest method.

At the end of the day though, I guess it doesn't matter what the reasoning is since apparently it's working out just fine for the three of them!

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