10 Things we'd rather be doing than having bad sex!

If there is one horror that all women have fallen victim to from time to time again it is: bad sex. And according to a recent poll done by Sachs Media Group, MOST women have given up on sex and prefer to be on their phones. Although this may sound a bit extreme, it makes sense if the sex sucks. Let's be honest: There are other things you'd prefer doing besides having a half-assed sex session. You're wondering about what the kids need for the school bake sale, why you had dessert when you should be sticking to your diet, and if those cute shoes you saw at Macy's are on sale.

 In fact, we have come up with a list of 10 things we'd rather be doing than having bad sex! We bet you'd agree with us too…especially number six…


Not only is bad sex a waste of time, but what pleasure are you getting out of it? None! And that time can be well spent either going to the salon, or simply getting some "me" time in. Sure you love your man, but let's be real, the sex isn't always going to be great and that's fine!

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But between us, what would you rather be doing than being flopped around like a dead fish? Go ahead, don't be shy to dish your secret fantasies. After all we've come up with a list of our own and maybe we have some things in common. Check out our list below:

1. Taking a bubble bath: It's rare to get some time away from the hubby and kids so why not indulge in a bubble bath? Take it a step further and fill up the tub with lavender scents for a calming effect.

2. Shopping: That cute dress you just saw at the mall was the only one left in your size; go out and buy it! Trust us, your hubby will be okay with it once he sees how hot you look during your next date night.

3. Sleeping: As a mom, this should be a given. Sleeping is considered a luxury when you have kids and a husband to look after. So any moment you can get a nap in is a godsend and should be fully taken advantage of.

4. Cleaning: You know that chore you put off earlier in the day that you said you'd get to later? It might be ideal to do that instead of having bad sex. Besides that means one less chore for you tomorrow!

5. Exercising: Maybe exercising instead of having bad sex is a good idea. After all by getting your blood rushing, you can prepare yourself to have GOOD sex after your workout--endorphins and all.

6. Reading: Sure, your sex life isn't as exciting as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey's in 50 Shades of Grey, but getting a chapter or two in before bed will get you closer to finishing your book and finding out what happens to your favorite character.

7. Eating: Well, I'm not saying to force yourself to eat, but I'd rather be eating a decadent dessert than having to feign pleasure during a bad sex session. Imagine how delicious that chocolate fudge cake would taste after a long day of work?

8. Giving yourself a manicure/pedicure: I don't know about you, but I rarely have time to go to a nail salon during the week, so I have to resort to painting my nails at home. Any spare time I can get to do them is worth it. Your digits and toes will thank you!

9. Watching your favorite TV show: We all have a guilty pleasure show that you're ashamed to admit you like ... but it's so good you can't stop watching. Indulge and take some time to watch an episode you missed of Revenge or Grey's Anatomy. You'll be up to date and hey maybe it will spark up an idea for role play next time you get frisky with your man. 

10. Chat up your girl friends: Nothing feels more relaxing than a long talk with a close girlfriend. Watch the stress diminish and a plus can be that while you're living vicariously through her active sex life, it may even help yours.

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