Confessions of a bad wife: I HATE that my husband can't fix anything around the house

My husband is a smart, loving and strong man. He is a sweet, responsible and fun dad. He loves science, music and dancing, is incredibly talented, has the most inviting smile and his cooking is amazing to boot! 

With him being great at so many things, I feel totally ridiculous complaining about something that might seem completely unimportant. But after 10 years as homeowners, I often find myself daydreaming what it'd be like to have a handy husband capable of fixing some things and building others that would make our house a much better place to live in (while increasing its value).


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But no! I got married to someone whose toolbox looks like it went through a hurricane and asking him for help painting a room is tantamount to asking him to sit through a chick flick. 

Case in point: The drawer we assigned to our kids for all their sippy cups, cuttlery and plates has been broken for over a year. At first, he attempted to fix it, but ended up making things worse. He then promised to figure things out, but I ended up moving everything from the drawer worried that it would fall on the kids' toes. Recently, he offered to hire a handyman to take care of the drawer and a bunch of other little things that need fixing and annoy me to no end around our house.

But it pains me to spend money in stuff like that--especially in a country where being a handyman is incredibly lucrative. An even better solution, I think, is to ask our elderly neighbor, a former engineeer who is the handiest person I've ever met in my life, to help us with some of these things. I know he'd be thrilled because he's made that point very clear. And yet, my husband refuses to ask him for help saying we shouldn't bother the guy. Yeah, right! I'm sure he just doesn't want our neighbor to know how much he sucks at fixing things around the house.

I'm sure this problem could be easily solved if I just learned to do some of these things myself, but my dad was--and my brother is--so handy around the house that I can't help but wish my husband was too!

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