Confessions of a bad wife: I TOTALLY tune my husband out

Right now, I have to come clean and admit that I often completely tune my husband out. This happens especially when he's talking about money--either our home's finances, our joint finances, or (the conversations that almost always cause me to blankly stare into space) his own adventures with the stock market. I can kind of get away with it sometimes by tuning back right at the last moments as he's finishing, and then responding somewhat coherently (which he's starting to notice--damn it!). I know. I'm terrible!

(Amorcito, if you're reading this, it's blank after the jump, okay?)


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In all seriousness, though, I feel awful that sometimes I'm thinking about my baby's bottles, food, where did the scratch on his little nose come from, where is his cute monster onesie, instead of actually listening to what my loving husband is telling me about our savings account, the bills, and our future financial prospects. Don't even get me started right now complaining about when he talks about the stock market. Oh boy, can he get riled up talking about why JCPenney isn't doing well and their horrible CEO or why Apple has been hitting the lowest numbers in a while.

I love that my husband is a planner, but honestly sometimes the thought of our retirement and our future money situation depresses me and makes me worry. Damn it, Chris, I know the Social Security situation is crazy and we're not going to have any money when we're 70! I can't even think past next week, so asking me to think about 40 years down the road is virtually torture. And, really, I'm just trying to survive the day by day with a growing baby who sucks up so much of my energy, I have no more left to think about how my mutual funds will help with our future as viejitos.

But at the end of the day, I'm glad my hubby has kicked my butt into getting my finances in gear and putting some money away for ourselves, for a house, or a rainy day. Not that I didn't know how to handle my cash in the past, but he is a big deterrent to my buying those unnecessary $800 Christian Louboutins I've been wanting for a while. I love that it's not just about me anymore, but about my husband, and most importantly our son. And I can thank my Chris for my knowledge of the S&P 500 and the influences of global events on the market, because if nothing else, at least it makes me feel like a more well-rounded person, wife, and mom!

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