One easy, sexy trick to make sparks fly with your husband!

I'm married, so I know that having sex with someone who wants you--and only you--creates a spectacular environment for intimacy and (s)exploration. I did not, however, really know how to tap into that to really make sure that my bedroom life was as hot as it possibly could be. So, I was excited to be invited to NYC, thanks to Durex (makers of condoms and other adult goodies) to learn all about the liberating side of being together! 

Being in a committed, long-term relationship can really free you to be yourself, and needless to say, the hubby is quite pleased with all the gifts and goodies I came home with for inspiration. I got tons of ideas on how to keeps the sexual sparks flying with my husband and of course, I want to share them with you!


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Now you might think that monogamy is something that only women value, but according to a CrowdTap survey conducted on behalf of Durex 91% of men surveyed agreed that sex is better with someone you love and are committed to. Good answer, gentlemen!


My husband and I have been having fun discussing the findings of the survey and answering some of the questions ourselves. For example, we both agree that pleasing our partner is mightily important and we strive do so. But there are little things that you should do with your SO to make sure you stay close and connected.

Right now we are are in the midst of focusing on date night and flirtingThere is nothing that I would like more than to have frequent date nights with my husband, but with two young children our date nights are sometimes cute down to date minutes, and that's okay. Spending even just a few uninterrupted moments with each other reminds us of how much we truly enjoy and are attracted to each other.

Can I just tell you about how much I love flirting? I friggin' love it! It makes me all giddy and reminds me of why I feel in love with the man I've chosen to marry. The other day as we were going through our new goodies, we came across some faux-fur handcuffs. I found giggling, but then my husband whispered: "I can't wait to use these on you." Say what?! Just hearing him use a sexy voice and speak with anticipation about being intimate with me made my knees weak.

Stay tuned. Next time, I'll let you know where our sexploration. For now ladies, follow my lead and get to flirting with that man you love! You never know where it might take you...

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