You'll be shocked to find out men's reactions to being cheated on

When it comes to cheating, if you ask most women, they consider it a dealbreaker and inexcusable--but what about the men? A recent survey conducted by the site shockingly found that of the 1,500 men they polled, 71 percent of them said they still loved their wife after she had an affair.

Could this mean that men are the more forgiving gender? Hmmm...


Although everyone has different views on cheating, it's understood that it is not a good thing to commit. But men and women approach love in different ways which is why the results of this survey proved just that.

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The Huffington Post also shares how much more understanding men are if they were to find out they were being cheated on. The survey learned that a staggering 92 percent of men who were cheated on wanted to save their marriages or were uncertain. So much for the guys who claimed they'd leave a woman if she cheated on him!

So why aren't men quick to file divorce papers after learning of these affairs? The survey suggests that they were more motivated by keeping their families intact even though they were betrayed by their spouse. And don't be quick to judge and say that men aren't sensitive beings.

It turns out that more than 91 percent of men say that their wife's affair was the hardest thing they've ever had to deal with in comparison to other tragedies they've faced. This could be because most aren't prepared to deal with the emotional toll it takes on them.

Although I don't condone cheating for either gender, it's surprising to see how loyal men remain despite their partner deceiving them. In all honesty, I've probably met more women who cheated than men, and those men STILL wanted to be with them in spite of what they did. I can guarantee most women would be out the door without a second though, but this proves how men are much more forgiving than we are. You should NEVER cheat on your man and instead talk things out if you're unhappy in your relationship. But this information serves as a somewhat comforting thought in case you find yourself in such a mess and are looking to save your marriage.

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