Why waiting to get married might not be as smart as we think

New reports are warning 20-somethings that the sooner they marry the better to avoid certain consequences. The study, called the National Marital Project and conducted by the University of Virginia, found that 91 percent of young adults are choosing to delay marriage as they try to get their life together. On average, it was found that the marrying age for women is 26 and for men it's 28.

Although the study shares that delaying marriage can sometimes be a good thing, there is one group that is negatively affected by doing waiting to get married. Read on to find out who should NOT wait to wed and who could be putting themselves at a health risk!


I fall into the category of post-college graduates who wants to make sure their careers are in line before making a commitment such as marriage. But the more time passes I've noticed a lot of my former classmates already settling down with their significant others, having babies, and I can't help but think that I haven't reach that mental point yet.

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However, lucky for me and other post-college grads, the study says we aren't too negatively affected by delaying marriage. Researchers found that college graduates who waited to get married had more benefits than those who weren't college educated and had less job opportunities. But the survey also discovered that unmarried 20-somethings were more likely to suffer from depression, heavier drinking, and unhappy lives compared to their counterparts.

According to another study done by economic casting firm HIS Global Insight, post-college grads are also putting off marriage due to high amounts of college debt. A survey done by Cornell University found that they had also had an irrational fear of divorce.

I'm not opposed to the idea of marriage, but I do think there is such thing as walking down the aisle too soon--especially since I already know a few 25-year-olds who are divorced! It's probably best to approach the idea of marriage based on how ready you and your partner feel you as opposed to what recent studies are saying. The last thing you want to do is enter an unhappy and forced marriage that ends in a messy divorce.

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