How to know if your man is a cheater based on his zodiac sign!

Astrology can tell you more than your daily horoscope--apparently it can also tell you if your man has the potential to be a cheater! Notorious cheating site has revealed the astrological signs more likely to cheat (ironic for a site which encourages adultery) and looks like Pisces and Gemini are getting the bad rap! 

The site conducted a survey of their more than 17 million users, and what they found in terms of who was more likely to cheat--among men AND women--was surprising. So what signs are more likely to cheat? Read on and find out!  


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15 percent of cheating men are Pisces and about 16 percent of cheating women are Geminis. However, the most loyal signs turn out to be Libra women and Scorpio men. Hmm, could your astrological sign really reveal whether or not you're more likely to cheat?

Ashley Madison's CEO and founder, Noel Biderman, maintains that there is some relation between our astrological signs and our inclination to cheat. "The connection between Zodiac signs and proclivity to cheat is an interesting one and by looking at the data, it's hard to disagree that one's birth date has something to do with the predisposition to have an affair," he explained on the site's blog. He also heeded that women avoid Pisces males at all costs."The fact that Pisces men top our list by a significant margin should serve as a warning to women everywhere," he says. Scary!

Regarding the most loyal signs, Libra and Scorpio, the site's resident astro-sexologist Kiki shares that she isn't surprised by the outcome. She says:

 "Libra is the ruler of commitment and partnership" adding, "As for Scorpio, they fall in love passionately and rarely stay in relationships that lack intensity, so if they have a wandering eye they usually leave."

But why are Pisces men more likely to cheat then? Kiki explains: "I'm not surprised to see Pisces top this list because they're the rulers of the imagination and fantasy. They have a hard time letting their curiosities go unexplored." In addition to the survey, the site also found out that female Geminis and male Tauruses are most likely to get cheated on, while Aries and Virgo cheaters are the most loyal to their lovers.

As a Scorpio I can vouch that I've never cheated (I say as I pat myself on the back), but I'm slightly skeptical about this survey and its credibility. I mean, after all, a cheating site conducted this survey and it's based off cheaters ALREADY on their site. In other words, these people aren't good subjects to begin with!

I can only imagine the number of couples that are going to have petty arguments over this--or find out some dirty truths. The best thing to do is take this latest survey with a grain of salt, especially since there are many people out there who don't believe in astrology. Whatever your sign may be, a cheater is still a cheater--no matter what the site says. Although I did encounter a two-timing Pisces once….

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