There are so many ways to spice things up in the bedroom that we forget that scent is an important factor when it comes to attraction. Lingerie and a candlelit setting can only help so much, but did you know the way your love nest smells can evoke the need to be intimate? According to Dr. Bruce Hirsch from, when women are in the presence of their favorite scent it can lead to increased attraction--hence more sex.

So what scents immediately create our bedrooms into erotic environments? You'll be surprised to know that you may already have these in your home!


I've personally always liked to wear florals and vanilla type scents when I need that extra boost daily. Scent does have the ability to transform a bad mood into a good one if the right aromas are involved. It's also no surprise that certain scents also create your love den into an erotically welcoming one!

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If you're curious to find out which smells will change the mood in your bedroom for the better, read on to find out. And don't be amazed if your love life is suddenly stricken by this amazingly delicious aromatic trick!

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