Attention women: Sex really CAN solve all your relationship problems!

It's no mystery that men and women resolve relationship problems differently and often times this causes EVEN more arguments between them. Now a new study reveals that the stereotypes about the way we handle conflict are true! The report showed that men just wish women wanted to have more sex, whereas women want them to be more willing to talk about problems or opt for counseling.

Imagine! Hours of counselling avoided and money saved just by knowing this one tidbit.


The findings conducted by the David Wilkins of the Men's Health Forum charity also discovered that because they are more emotionally suppressed, men are more likely to become alcoholics, drug addicts, commit suicide, suffer from depression. This is because they are less likely to seek help when necessary and instead do so when it is too late. That's horrible.

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Wilkins says that when there is an issue, men hope it dies down, but women prefer to tackle it head on before the problem gets worse. The findings also confirm how simple men are, mostly motivated by sexual needs. Therefore, women may get through to them easier if they bribe them with sex if they agree to discuss their issues.

The other reason men may be more emotionally suppressed is because women have a greater support system of family and friends. This allows them to openly discuss their problems. This makes it harder for men to allow themselves to appear vulnerable which also affects their physical, emotional, and mental health.  

As men are the gender least likely to seek help, Men's Health suggests that couples find an effective strategy that will satisfy both of your needs. By giving men the best support system, they'll be more willing to work with their significant other and open up about their issues.

There are certain things that both men and women may not want to speak about, but by ignoring the elephant in the room, nothing gets resolved. It pretty much comes down to compromise and allowing each other to feel comfortable to speak about certain touchy subjects. It may take patience and time, but once you test out different methods and see what works, you'll be on the road to a pleasant relationship. The better communication you have, the closer you'll feel, and the more sex you'll have coming your way!

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